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Ao Oni is popular, so is HetaOni. It took a while for others to get it translate it into English...But seriously...is there any other Japanese games that is free was translated so quickly under a month!?! Ib was only out for like nearly three months ago (checked by looking at the first video on Nico and fanart on Pixiv) and already there is the game's English translation, and Pixiv+DA already has an explosion of their fanworks! Wow! =0

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People always tell me Digimon sucked ass when I was young. Most of them prefered Pokemon. Sadly, I'm the type of girl who goes the opposite direction everybody would be going...or you would just call me not going mainstream (if that's what it means).

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Turns out I was correct, the next project after Mirai Nikki's anime is the drama of it, 'Mirai Nikki-ANOTHER:WORLD' which was out on 21.04 at around 11pm.

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Kazumi Magica Theory tossing

I don't really like to make accounts that I won't always use...like on mangafox on discussions...because I think I'm too out right crazy when I talk about...that, and I'm a really shy+not very technology type of person when I try out something new on the internet (it took me a while to get used to most of my accounts and still am).

Anyway, I'm going to make up post up some Theories since I love making them but I don't like to bottle them up. Think of this like Umineko (and I love their ways of Theory Battles), where I use coloured words as the facts that are present and what I say might happen or true. Like "kikikai is a girl" is true; and "kikikai has a girl name" is one of the proposed theories. I already did this in my previous entry and I do this with my overseas friend all the time with HetaOni but might as well for the fun of it (and not much people would check anyway).


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